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Monday, May 01, 2006

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Basics - Part 6 - Overusing Keywords

When learning about Search Engine Optimization and Keywords it is important that we also learn how important it is to not overuse keywords, as using to many keywords may have the completely opposite effect on SEO than what we are looking for.

It is not certain that Google and other Search engines penalize you for using to many keywords, or a few specialized keywords too many times in your page.

However, Many people believe that these large advertisement providers may consider the overuse of keywords a form of spam. And even if they don’t, your readers will not appreciate you using the term “work at home” in every single sentence on your page.

We all want to use the best keywords to have Adsense or some other advertiser provide us with the most relevant, highest paying advertisements. But it is also speculated that if they feel that your website is saturated with keywords that you may be trying to spam them.

The best way to determine if advertisers have determined your keyword ratio to be spam is to watch the value of your click through. If your making a decent amount per clicked then it suddenly drops to a much lower amount, then the algorithms may have misinterpreted your intent and designated you as a spam site.

Unless you have intentionally added a giant list of keywords intending to fool the bots then I suggest you rewrite your page and use the keywords less.

Unfortunately, we do not know the ratio that is permissible, and in fact we do not even know if there is a ratio of acceptable keyword usage.

My advice is to use acceptable keywords that are pertinent to your topic, while at the same time keeping the idea that there may be a ratio in the back of your mind.

Good luck.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Just Found Out What My Site Is Worth.

I Don't really know what this means, and I don't think that it has much to do with making money online, but I though it was kinda cool.

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?

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Make Some Money With Adsense

Most of the people who have a website or a Blog have a basic understanding of what Google Adsense is and how it works. For those of you who do not know, Google Adsense is an advertising program that is run by Google.

It is free for a webmaster to enroll in the program. And once they have enrolled they only need to add a few chunks of code to their web page, or Blog, and the advertisements are displayed on their website.

The webmaster gets paid a certain percentage every time someone clicks on one of these advertisements (Unless that someone is the webmaster themselves, then they may just lose their account and all of their earnings).

The amount that the webmaster gets paid varies by ads. For example an advertisement for cheap tramadol (some kind of pain killer) is going to pay higher than an advertisement for water.

Unfortunately the average webmaster is not going to get to display the higher paying advertisements, like the ones for gambling game, or black jack online.

This is because the advertisements displayed are related to the content of the website. So if you have a website that discusses ponies chances are you will have advertisements that relate in some way to ponies.

There are a few tools that you can use to help you pull in slightly better advertisements. For example you can research and find out if advertisements directed at horses pay better than those that are directed at ponies.

These tools are located at: Keyword Suggestion Tool

Overture Keyword Selector Tool

Make Money the Ultimate Guide to Owning and Operating a Homebased Business

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Basics - Part 5 - Selecting Keywords

It is important that we learn how to select appropriate keywords for our sites in such a manner that they will be used to increase the traffic flow to our sites. We will need to learn how to pick the most powerful keywords that will help to pull in more traffic.

Today I will examine the simplest methods for doing this.

First of all you need to decide if you are going to try to utilize the highest searched and most common keywords. Or if you are going to use some less common keywords.

There is a problem with using the highest searched keywords, everyone else is also using them. So you may decide to use some of the less frequently searched for keywords, as there is less competition.

Create a list of the keywords that you think you may want to use in your page. You can use this resource if you have decided to try to market with the most common keywords, which lists the 100 top paying keywords (not adsense).

Once you have your list of possible keywords use the Overture keyword tool to find out if your keywords are as popular as you thought. Overture also provides a list of alternatives and you may find yourself changing or adding to your keyword list. Another resource you may want to try is Word Tracker.

Now its time to write your page content. Try to include as many of these keywords as possible, while at the same time keeping the keyword frequency to somewhere around 10-20% of the entire page content. By using keywords in this manner you should see an increase in the traffic being driven to your site by search engines (however, Remember that it may take some time for the search engines to index you).

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